A Blockchain Managed Smart-Contract Economy In There Dimensions


Every trade, buy or sell, has a 15% flat transaction fee applied. Instead of this going to the exchange, the fee is split between all currently held tokens! 15% of all volume this cryptocurrency ever experiences, is set aside for you the token holders, as ethereum rewards that you can instantly withdraw whenever you'd like.



Every ethereum transaction is handled by a piece of unchangable blockchain programming known as a smart-contract.

No need to fear, you're only entrusting your hard-earned ETH to an algorithmic robot accountant running on a decentralized blockchain network created by a russian madman worth billions, enforced by subsidized Chinese GPU farms that are consuming an amount of electricity larger than most third-world countries, sustaining an exchange that runs without any human involvement for as long as the ethereum network exists

Welcome to cryptocurrency.

Your tokens are safe, or somebody would be yelling at us by now.


To facilitate a smooth entry into this autonomously managed volumetric-reward insanity, we've created our own decentralized exchange to allow you to trade and track your tokens automatically.

  • Track the token's trade volume, and your projected income from exchange fees.
  • Laugh at all the other idiots putting ETH into this madness
  • Stop laughing because that's a lot of ETH
  • ?????
  • Buy more (fomo back in)

For each token added or removed from circulation the price of the next token increases or decreases automatically by a fractional amount of ETH (about .0000001 eth).

When people buy, your tokens are worth slightly more, when they sell, slightly less. The exchange handles this for you, no need to think about price!

Gotta have a little sadness every once in a while so you know when the good times come.

MINING (See snek diagram)

The Token's namesake is a feature we lovingly call the "NEX ethereum mining algorithm"

Simply put, when someone chooses to buy, sell or trade tokens, a 15% transaction fee is applied. That fee, proof of that trader's weak hands, is split across all tokens currently in circulation as a reward to those holding them. Buyers' newly-purchased tokens are added to circulation before the fee is allocated.

Anyone who holds tokens can withdraw their share of those earnings anytime, in ETH from the smart-contract pool, no fee attached.

You see that cute snek? He snatches up rewards for you on every trade, No matter what the token price does!


In addition to mining, you can stake 5 of your own tokens to create the first ethereum masternodes; Ever.

Owning a masternode gives you a unique link to our website that the smart contract recognizes, anyone buying into the contract via your link has 15% of all fees they would oherwise pay into the contract, directed to you instead as instant ethereum gains.

This is the active-gains component of our contract, we let you build your own network that rewards you!

Yes, our staking and mining systems are comedic jabs at cryptocurrency as a whole, they're also immensely more fun, and reward in (ETH) instead of something that "may" have value later.


That Smart contract (your new robo accounting buddy) holds all ethereum ever put into purchasing these tokens, and will gleefully give you all ethereum you are owed whenever you want to withdraw , or dump your tokens. You weak handed fool.

The robot is also indifferent to the plight of man, cannot be stopped, shut down, or ended without the death of the ethereum network itself


    Managed by a smart contract entirely

  • no human involvement in managing the ethereum, at all. Period.

    Automatic pricing

  • Value is directly related to how many tokens exist at any time.

    Volume based earning

  • 15% of all volume is taken as fees, and is automatically split out as Eth to all token holders.

    Active-income Staking

  • Masternode system allows you to recruit more and get instant ETH rewards. Plus everyone gains from the volume!

    Not a "Concept" token

  • Each token has intrinsic value, as every token is backed by the eth already in the contract (try to find another crypto that does this).

    Serious in all the wrong ways.

  • See cute snek mascot representing your financial future.
Whom can I reach out to with other questions?

Nexmine is the most functional template for Ethereum block chain ERC Token ICO’S. Switable for star up ICO’s. A token sale, sometimes referred to as an initial coin offering (ICO), is form of rowd-funding for digital currency-related projects.